New Angle Yoga's Mission

To create community and empower humans to experience their greatest potential on the yoga mat and in their lives.

New Angle Yoga is a school of yoga Registered with the Yoga Alliance. We offer group yoga classes and private yoga in Oklahoma City. We specialize in Baptiste YogaTM inspired teacher trainings and a variety of yoga anatomy trainings and workshops.

Why Baptiste YogaTM? This yoga practice empowers accelerated results in both your physical body and your mind. The practice causes you to see yourself and the world around you from a new perspective, resulting in the freedom to give up the things that block you from experiencing what you truly seek.

Discover your power with a New Angle!

Our Core Values

Community: While yoga offers an opportunity to connect with yourself, we believe connection to the self serves us to better connect with others. At New Angle Yoga, we are all connected.

Positivity: We see yoga and life as something to celebrate. We acknowledge the reality of difficult and challenging times and view these as opportunities for growth. We are positive in our interactions with ourselves and our community on and off the yoga mat.

Integrity: We are honest and open in our communications and our actions. We do what we say and we say what we mean.

Possibility: We operate with the belief that anything is possible if we believe it is possible. We remove blocks that stand in the way of reaching our greatest potential.

Action: We actively step onto our mats and into our lives as it is action that causes the changes and growth we seek.

Trish Corley

Dr. Trish Corley, Director

Trish is an internationally recognised Baptiste certified yoga teacher and a doctor of physiotherapy. Her classes and trainings are known for inspiring students to make the transformation they seek while having fun!