Best Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore – 5 Reasons To Choose New Angle Yoga

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore: 5 Reasons to Choose New Angle Yoga

If you are keen to advance your yoga practice or take on the role of a teacher, you will want to determine the best yoga teacher training in Singapore (or wherever it is that you reside or want to travel to). While location, schedule, and your budget are important factors to consider, it is essential that you find a training with a teacher that you can connect with. Upon speaking to many of my students/graduates, I discovered that many of them registered for Power to Lead (New Angle Yoga's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training) because they felt connected to me as a teacher. While I am honoured by their sentiments, I realised that this a tremendous strength of the training. We put an emphasis on tools and practices to connect with yourself, AND with other people too. It is the ability to connect with students that ultimately separates a good yoga teacher from a great one that students want to continue to learn from.

This got me thinking about why Power to Lead is the best yoga teacher training in Singapore for many people. Here are five solid reasons.

5 Reasons That New Angle Yoga is the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore

1. We Connect and Have Fun.

Our students come from various backgrounds. We have men and women of all ages and different experiences in yoga. Some of our trainees have practiced for years while others have practiced for several months. Some have already done a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and for many this is their first look into yoga beyond regular classes. We celebrate where everyone comes from, we get together, connect, and have fun!! How do we connect when we are all so different? It is simple, we practice yoga. After all, "yoga" means to connect. We drop any expectations of each other. As my teacher Baron Baptiste says, "Come as you are, not as you think you should be."  We cultivate an environment of encouragement. It truly amazes me to watch the trainees come together and create an immediate support network. It is no wonder that our last group of trainees called themselves "Ohanasana" -- ohana means "family."

2. Our Curriculum is Comprehensive AND Focused.

Let's face it. There is more about yoga than could possibly be learned in 200 hours. We do not promise to teach you everything. We do promise to provide you with a strong foundation for teaching and to develop a path for continuous learning and growth throughout your life as a yogi. While some trainings offer various modules taught by various teachers, we offer a comprehensive and focused curriculum. You will not need figure out how to put all the pieces together at the end of the training and hope to create a class of your own. Each component of the training is intentional and builds upon the prior components. You will have the tools to teach a full class when you graduate. In fact, you will do this before you graduate when you and your peers teach a live class to the local community! (Stay tuned for details on when and how to attend that class!!)

3. Passion!

You might say I have a gift for teaching. And I would say my passion is teaching teachers! Early on in my career as a physical therapist (physiotherapist), I was thrilled to take on the role of a clinical instructor. I trained students in the field to become physical therapists. In other words, I trained therapists how to treat and teach their own patients. It thrills me to bring my natural abilities and years of experience as a clinical instructor and professor of physical therapy into the yoga community. I assisted several yoga teacher trainings before taking on the role of lead trainer. It didn't surprise me, but when I assisted those trainings, I immediately had a passion for it. I hope most yoga teacher training leaders have passion for what they do and I can guarantee I do. And it shows up in the training! While the hours are long and I do put in a lot of work to offer the best yoga teacher training in Singapore, it is equally fun and rewarding for me! That's how it is when something is your passion!

4. Anatomy and Alignment!

Before I started teaching yoga, I earned a bachelors degree in Neuroscience and a doctorate in Physical Therapy (aka Physiotherapy). The year I did my first 200 hour yoga teacher training was also the year that I took a job as a college professor at a physiotherapy program in Houston, TX (USA) where I taught Functional Anatomy as well as Therapeutic Exercise and other courses. After five years as a professor, I not only understand a whole lot about the human body and how it moves, I also understand how humans can easily come to understand the complexity of human movement. I have taught the anatomy component of several other yoga teacher trainings worldwide including the USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Students in New Angle Yoga's training not only gain a clear knowledge of human anatomy, they learn how to really apply it to yoga. And they have fun learning it too!! The anatomy and alignment aspects of our training really do rise up to the best yoga teacher training in Singapore.

5. Our Students Develop Confidence. 

I used to shy away from letting people know I have a doctorate in physical therapy, can stand on may hands for minutes at a time, and that I am a great yoga teacher. And then I learned the difference between confidence and being cocky. In our training, we support our students to discover the strengths they already possess and to own who they are. We do a variety of activities to break down the walls that hold us back from fully expressing who we are. When we break down the walls and let ourselves shine, miracles can happen. I want my students to go beyond the ability to retain knowledge and perform asanas. I want to empower each student to confidently lead others in life. Such confidence can be valued in any setting - a board room, the family dinner table, a talk with your boss, or maybe at the front of the yoga classroom! Are you ready to step up and feel confident in who you are? Stop waiting and make it happen. You are ready now!

There are just a couple of mats left for our Free Yoga and Tea Session on 4 September at 7:00 pm. Email me at to book a mat or if you have any questions!



-- Dr. Trish Corley is the lead trainer for Power to Lead, 200 hour YTT (...the best yoga teacher training in Singapore!!). She is an internationally recognised Baptiste certified yoga teacher and a doctor of physiotherapy. Her classes and trainings are known for inspiring students to make the transformation they seek while having fun!


Best Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore