Dr. Trish Corley is excited to offer Private Yoga Oklahoma City with New Angle Yoga. She will take your yoga practice to your next level. Whether you are new to yoga or ready to advance your practice to arm balances and inversions, Trish will empower your to bring yourself to new possibilities. With a doctorate of physical therapy and over a decade of clinical practice and teaching yoga, she has worked with thousands of clients to meet their fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation goals.

What are the benefits of practicing with a private yoga teacher?

  • Sessions are designed to meet your individualised needs and goals.
  • One on one (or sometimes one on two) attention to focus on your alignment with instructions specific for you.
  • During private yoga sessions, your teacher can provide as much hands on assistance as you wish. This often results in the sensation of having a massage while doing yoga.
  • The pacing of the sessions are tailored to your needs and you have the opportunity to ask questions to enhance your yoga practice.
  • You can book sessions to work with your schedule.
  • You can meet with your teacher in any locations that is convenient to you (your home, office, park, or any other place).


Who will benefit from working with a private yoga teacher?

  • Students who are new to yoga and want to break down the postures and lessons to gain a strong foundation and understanding.
  • Students who experience pain, injury, or illness (with or without prior yoga experience) as sessions are tailored to meet your therapeutic needs.
  • Students who want to take their practice to the next level. Experienced yogis (and even yoga teachers) benefit from the individualised attention as it brings awareness to areas of their practice they may not be fully awakened and aware of.


Why should I book my private yoga sessions with Dr. Trish Corley of New Angle Yoga?

  • In addition to being an experienced certified yoga teacher, Trish is also a licensed doctor of physical therapy. She has over fifteen years of experience working with a variety of people to meet their wellness and fitness goals.
  • Trish offers compassion and truly listens to the needs of each of her students. Each private session is unique to the individual. She understands when to push and when to back off to help her students find the balance they are looking for in their yoga practice and in their life.
  • With an expert understanding of the human body and how it functions, Trish knows just how to tailor a session to meet your needs and just how to assist you so that you are left feeling rejuvenated, while also bringing your practice to a new level.
  • Trish is extremely patient, clear in her teaching, and of course fun to work with.

Rates for Private Yoga Oklahoma City (for 1-2 persons with similar needs):

Rates are for 60 minute sessions. A travel fee (up to $25.00) may apply for those greater than 5 miles away from downtown Oklahoma City.

     x1 = $135

     x5 = $625 ($125 per session)

    x10 = $1150 ($115 per session)

Semi-Private Yoga

Semi-private sessions are for groups of 3-5 students. They may be done with a partner, a friend, or a small group of friends or co-workers. As long as space is available they may be conducted in the home or studio setting. Semi-private sessions are great for staying connected to others and lowering the costs for each individual while getting individualised attention. These sessions work well even if the needs of the individuals in the group vary as there is time to focus on each student.


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Private Yoga Oklahoma City