Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Singapore Aerial Yoga

Singapore aerial yoga

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Singapore Aerial Yoga

Today I experienced something new and outside my comfort zone at a Singapore aerial yoga studio. At a recent inquiry session amongst my Baptiste Yoga Singapore community, I explored things that I did as a kid that brought me joy and that I no longer do. Gymnastics was a huge part of my life growing up and I still long to swing on the bars and fly through the air. When recent Meerly Wang (a recent Power to Lead YTT graduate) invited me to join her for aerial yoga, I knew this was an opportunity to find a bit of the joy I experienced as a kid in the gym. And yet, I had some fear. I had never tried this unique style of yoga. What if I don't know what to do? What if I am not good enough? Yes, these thoughts ran through my mind. And fortunately, I identified the  voice expressing these thoughts. It was the voice of doubt, not the voice of my heart. The truth is, my heart said "do it! It will be fun!".

So I did it! And it was fun! When I teach handstands and crow pose, I explain to my students that the power of the pose does not come from being in the posture. Rather the power comes from confidently moving forward to lift your feet in crow (or kicking your feet over your head in handstand), even when it seems scary or uncomfortable.  The magic and growth happen outside of your comfort zone.

During the aerial yoga class at ClubYoga, I got outside of my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to experience fear and move into the pose anyway. While standing on the hammock with my feet feeling a bit squished, I heard my teacher Adlyn say "Take your hands off the hammock. Be confident!"  I suddenly had an appreciation for my students who move forward into crow even when they think they might fall. My body first reacted with tension and a bit of a death grip on the hammock. And I chose to respond with a deep breath and by bringing my dristhi (focus) to one spot. I then let go of my hands. I felt a sense of simultaneous ease and exhilaration. I felt the joy I used to experience as a kid at tumbling and swinging at the gym. I discovered growth outside of my comfort zone!

If you are looking to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, I highly recommend Adlyn Tan's class. This Singapore aerial yoga studio offers frequent aerial classes and a whole lot more. There is a variety of styles of classes on the schedule and they offer a friendly and fun community feel, personal attention in the class, a clean studio in a great location, and an overall great experience. Thank you Adlyn!!

Dr. Trish Corley is a Baptiste certified yoga teacher and a doctor of physiotherapy. She leads regularly scheduled yoga classes in Singapore and teacher trainings and workshops globally. 

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