Are you ready to take your yoga teaching to the next level? Unlock Your Power is a yoga teacher mentorship designed to empower you to teach and lead with confidence while remaining true to who you are and what you want to offer.


Unlock Your Power promises to leave you with the ability to:


  • Lead yoga classes (and workshops and training if you desire) from your heart with confidence.
  • Project your authentic voice in a way that makes others want to listen to you.
  • Create connection with your students and get them to want to come back to your class. Learn to really listen to and see all of your students, even in a group setting.
  • Get clear on why you teach yoga and what your intention for teaching yoga is.
  • Bring the practice of presence into your teaching. Being present on your mat brings power to your practice. Shift this into your teaching.



Trish Corley is a Baptiste Certified Yoga Teacher, a doctor of physical therapy, a former professor of physical therapy, and a teacher of teachers. She brings her experiences of mentoring both new and seasoned yoga teachers to this yoga teacher mentorship program. Trish is known for compassionately empowering teachers to access their own power to lead dynamic classes that leave both the teacher and the students excited for more growth. Trish is patient and motivated to bring the best out in each of her students/mentees.



The program will look unique for each teacher as it is tailored to meet your needs. Every yoga teacher has something unique to offer and Trish will guide teachers to share their gifts in a powerful way.

6 Meetings with Trish (mentor) as outlined below.

  1. Set your intention and goals for your yoga teacher mentorship (60 minutes).
  2. Mentor takes your class* (~60 minutes) followed by feedback meeting (60 minutes). You will also receive written feedback for your keeping.
  3. Private meditation/asana class prepared for you based on findings from meetings 1 and 2 (75 minutes).
  4. Mentor takes your class (~60 minutes) followed by feedback meeting (60 minutes). You will also receive written feedback for your keeping.
  5. Follow up meeting. Are you in alignment with your intentions? (30 minutes)
  6. Mentor takes your class (~60 minutes) followed by wrap up meeting. Review your areas of growth and future growth in your teaching, yoga practice, and your life. (60 minutes). You will also receive written feedback for your keeping.

*Your class may be in any setting you choose and with any number of students. Classes may be any length from 30 to 90 minutes.

You will also get 2 free group yoga classes with Trish. These are via video or live sessions in Singapore.

The focus of this mentorship is to bring your teaching to the next level. You will be guided to lead powerful yoga classes and to develop tools to enhance you as a yoga teacher. Sessions  may focus on providing clear instructions, setting inspiring intentions, hands on assists, voice projection, your position in and around the teaching area, sequencing, hands 0n assists, promoting yourself/your business, getting the job you want, how to set up your own workshops, retreats, or trainings, and other exciting topics related to teaching yoga in a powerful way.



It is recommended to schedule the meetings over the course of 3 months to provide time to implement the feedback and learnings of each session. Some students prefer to move through the program in a shorter period and others up to 6 months. You will work with Trish to schedule your mentorship in a way that works for you.



This program can be done from anywhere. If you are based in the Oklahoma City metro area, Trish can meet you in person and attend your yoga classes. For those outside of Oklahoma City metro area meetings will be via Skype or FaceTime, and you will send recordings (audio or video) of your classes to Trish.



Trish has over five years experience of teaching yoga and ten years experience of leading students to practice physical therapy. She has always believed that the most powerful teachers and therapists have great knowledge and skills AND shine because of their ability to lead and get their students and clients to understand them. "I have spoken to many teachers with yoga teacher certifications who say they do not feel ready to teach yet", says Trish. "This program will empower you to break down the barriers that hold you back from teaching in your most powerful way and guide you to be the leader you want to be."

As a Baptiste power yoga teacher, Trish understands what power means. "It is not just moving your body through vigorous asanas and calling it yoga. Power yoga has taught me how to step into the greatest version of myself. I am most powerful when I teach yoga from my heart and inspire others to find their own power. You have the power to lead in ways that you are not yet aware of and you are ready now to discover it!"


USD $875 for Unlock Your Power - The Yoga Teacher Mentorship

For inquires, send an email to with Subject Yoga Teacher Mentorship.