We teach Baptiste Power Yoga classes to Transform Your Mind & Body.

The power to change your life is already inside of you. At New Angle Yoga, we give you the tools to access it.

Don’t let self-doubt, stress, pain, or physical limitations be your story. Now is the time to reclaim your power. We are a yes for community, possibility, and empowering each other to get results in the areas of life that matter most.

You can live the life you want!

A Word From Our Owner

"Welcome! I am a licensed physical therapist (since 2003) and spent five years as a professor in physical therapy. I am passionate about educating and empowering yoga teachers and physical therapists so that they make a positive impact on the world.

Why Baptiste Yoga? Because Baptiste Power Yoga works. It is the best workout available and so much more. It can truly be adapted to meet YOUR needs. It is holistic and transforms both your mind and body.

Baptiste Power Yoga initially helped me heal and prevent running injuries by getting stronger and more flexible. Now, with a consistent practice, I feel strong and confident. I have tools to give up self-doubt and create what I want in my life. My relationships with the people that matter most to me are transformed and feel complete.

Since 2010, I taught thousands of students around the world and am witness to the transformation of so many people. If you are tired of living with the same old results, it is time to experience Baptiste Power Yoga."

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Our practices will change your life!

New Angle Yoga will give you the results you seek. Check it out for yourself and see why our students are so excited about our community.

Our Services

We offer group and private yoga classes in New Orleans, LA; world class yoga teacher trainings, workshops, community events, private yoga, corporate packages, and continuing education for physical therapists (as well as occupational therapists and speech therapists).

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