New Angle Yoga Community
Reflections and Celebrations with Trish Corley:

What Became Possible In One Year:

On April 27, 2019 after many hours of preparing the space we now call New Angle Yoga, the doors opened for Grand Opening Week. I recall the excitement as my vision of people gathering in a heated studio, connecting with and celebrating each other, and practicing Baptiste Power Yoga all became a reality.

My dreams are a reality because of YOU - each and every one of you who practice at the studio, show up for events, and even contribute from afar. I can't thank you enough for your support, time, energy, sweat, laughter, tears, and hugs!

New Angle Yoga Community

We have so many accomplishments to acknowledge in our first year and here are some of them:

  • Six weeks after opening the studio, the first group of Power Up 60 Hour Teacher Training participants graduated.
  • We enjoyed so many great events with local business partners.
  • We celebrated many holidays with hot power yoga and connected with drinks after practice.
  • In November 2019 our first Power to Lead 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training participants graduated.
  • We now have a powerful team of 9 teacher/leaders committed to empowering you.
  • New Angle Yoga was nominated in the Top 5 Yoga/Barre studios in 405 Magazines Best of campaign.
  • Our first very successful 40 Days to Personal Revolution also deserves recognition. Or rather, all of you who showed up powerfully in the program deserve the recognition. Your commitment and transformations inspire me!!
  • There are too many down dogs, wheels, and savannas to count. Most of the biggest accomplishments are not written on the calendar or marked in MindBody. The impact the practice has on your life is the greatest accomplishment. It moves me to hear what you all say about the results you get from practicing at New Angle Yoga: 

These are the greatest accomplishments!

"I feel powerful in my own body now"

"I have a shift in my perspective"

"Less anxiety"

"Decreased pain"

“I can focus more”

“I feel confident”

"Connection and support"

“I love the community and friendship I now have”

“I feel like I belong”

"I am so much stronger!"

"I am more flexible."

"I can now do things I didn’t think I could ever do."

The energy at New Angle Yoga at the start of 2020 was palpable and thrilling. With an amazing team of  teachers and a committed community of yogis, I took a week in March to visit my parents in Florida. It was the week when things seemed to shift here in the US in regard to COVID-19. I returned on March 13 to put tape marks on the floor to keep distance between the mats and implement new practices to keep our community healthy. On March 15, New Angle Yoga got it's unexpected second location -- online at Zoom!

On March 17th, I stood in the studio before class, admittedly a bit exhausted, and read Mayor Holt's orders to close our doors. I cried. I cried not from fear, sadness, or anger. I cried tears of gratitude. I am so grateful for each team and community member who made the transition possible; for the practices that guide us to possibility and love and away from fear.

You might not realize it, but YOU (yes the person reading this) have an impact on everything that happens at the studio. We show up and teach the practices of Baptiste Power Yoga because you show up. That is what makes New Angle Yoga so special. It doesn't matter how you show up. Show up as you are and as you are not. This has been more evident in recent weeks. So many of you show up online with pets and kids running around, and yet you make it work. You demonstrate that anything is possible even when circumstances are not as planned.

A plan is an intention or decision about what one is going to do. We put a lot of plans on our calendars including a week long celebration for our one year anniversary. While we are rescheduling the calendar, our intention to celebrate our community and accomplishments remains steadfast.  Our yoga practices prepare us to be flexible and for that we are grateful. The truth is, even if we think we know how it will go, we actually never know. An intention, though, gives us something to focus on even when the circumstances change. 

YOU are invited to our Anniversary Celebration - Community Chat after practice on Monday, April 27. (Power Yoga with me at 5:45 pm and celebration to follow. You can sign up for class, the Community Chat, or BOTH!!).

As for when we celebrate at the studio, we are taking into consideration many factors including the city mandates, guidance from healthcare professionals, and our community and studio’s unique needs. We will keep you posted on our decisions.

Tonight we begin our second Power to Lead 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Our gathering will take place via Zoom. I am so excited because if Baptiste Power Yoga has taught me anything, it is this:

Anything is possible when I give up the “buts,” excuses, and reasoning that might stop me; and take action right now. AND we are more powerful together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a powerful contribution to the New Angle Yoga Community!

- Trish Corley