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Trish traveled to Kenya in April 2017 to assist her teacher Paige Elenson in leading a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nairobi and looks forward to going back soon. Africa Yoga Project is a nonprofit which provides opportunity for your adults to serve their communities by teaching  yoga while gaining employment.

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Africa Yoga Project empowers, educates, elevates and employs lives in East Africa and globally. Through the power of yoga, they support economic development and alleviation of poverty by creating a local market. They offer regularly scheduled community classes and free yoga teacher training to marginalised youth living in Kenya’s informal settlements, creating financial and social empowerment.

  • $25 funds a yoga class for 25 children once a week in Nairobi’s informal settlements
  • $50 funds a weekly healthy meal program for a yoga class of 25 children
  • $125 funds the monthly salary of one Africa Yoga Project teacher
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What Trish Has to Say

What inspires me most about the Africa Yoga Project (AYP) is that everyone involved has a passion for life and for causing positive change in all people. In 2014, I attended my Baptiste level 2 training that was led by Paige Elenson (co-founder of AYP) and assisted by several of the AYP teachers. They taught me that we are all truly connected. Regardless of where I am from or where I am going, I am not alone in wanting love and joy in my life.  When we work together and stand for each other, peace amongst everyone is possible.

Every story about the Africa Yoga Project inspires me and I am excited to create a new story with them. I will travel to Kenya in April 2017 to assist my teacher Paige, in leading the next AYP teacher training.

Your donation will support the growth and development of unemployed youth in Africa to become employable yoga teachers. In addition to fighting poverty, these teachers bring yoga to slums, orphanages, prisons, and a variety of places that benefit from the lessons that peace amongst all of us is possible.

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