Amber Drake

Yoga Teacher

Why teach yoga?

Yoga changed things for me, my relationship to my physical body, my spiritual journey, and the relationships outside of the yoga studio. So, I love teaching yoga as an access to create space for that type of change for others as well!

3 Favorite Book(s) or Movie(s)

Anything by Brandon Sanderson or Michael J. Sullivan
Becoming Supernatural

Favorite Yoga Pose - Why?

Wheel. When I finish practicing my wheels, I feel open, empowered, and energetic. They just feel so dang good!

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga:

I am helping women to reclaim their confidence and clarity through intentional and consistent action. Helping them to see themselves as whole, complete, and beautiful just as they are on their journey to the next level of themselves. Oh! Or podcasting because it's my new obsession and I like chatting.

When I was little, I dreamed of:

Being a famous singer or rockstar... obviously.

Now I dream of:

Helping people elevate their lives in a way that is sustainable and empowering.

What else I want you to know about me:

I love people. Like, a lot. I love seeing people expand and grow, I love hearing peoples stories and adventures.

Yoga Certifications/Other Credentials

200 Hour at New Angle Yoga

Certified Health Coach