Ashley Mandanas

Yoga Teacher

Why teach yoga?

I’ve always wanted to connect. With others, with myself, with the collective humanity and life of the universe. Yoga gives me the tools to do do just that.


Oklahoma City, OK

3 Favorite Book(s) or Movie(s)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Movie)

Midsommar (Movie)

The VVitch: A New England Folktale (Movie)

Favorite Yoga Pose - Why?

Dancer! I feel powerful and radiant in this pose. Dance/movement has always been a profound part of me.

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga:

I’m acting, singing, writing, playing ukulele, dancing, working at a donut shop, aerial silks, aerial Lyra, hiking, taking pictures, napping with my cat, or hanging out on the couch with the ones I love!

When I was little, I dreamed of:

Being a star on Broadway or Hollywood! That has drastically changed.

Now I dream of:

I now dream of living a life of full truth and expression, and brightening other peoples’ lives through yoga.

What else I want you to know about me:

I had a ruptured disc in my lower lumbar spine for 8 years of my latter life. I had a surgery and became a yogi only a few years ago. If I could do it, YOU can do it!

Yoga Certifications/Other Credentials

RYT-200, certified by New Angle Yoga; registered with Yoga Alliance