What Is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste power vinyasa yoga is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste. The physical practice is based on a set of sequences that cause you to move, breath, and sweat while building strength, flexibility, and a clear mind. You will have fun and be empowered to access your greatest self on the mat and in your life!

Asana (the physical practice of moving through the postures) gives access to vitality, power, and freedom. Join us on the mat and reclaim your full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, and create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities for yourself!

The practice is appropriate for all people. Modifications are provided in each pose to meet your bodies needs just as your body is today. Temperature is typically 85° to 90° F.  

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"Anything is possible when your way of being is 'anything is possible'." - Baron Bapiste

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