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Pillars of Power Yoga | First Drishti

Pillars of Power Yoga

Pillars of Power Yoga | First Drishti  There are five pillars of power yoga. If you are fortunate enough to experience a Baptiste power yoga practice, you will experience something magical. The magic of Baptiste power yoga is a result, in part, of the practice of five specific pillars. Each of the pillars create support […]

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Wrist Pain In Yoga | Understand the Anatomy

Wrist Pain In Yoga

One of the most common complaints I get from students is that of wrist pain in yoga. They often claim it is “from all of those chaturangas”. Yes it is true that we are human beings and by the looks of it, we were created to support ourselves on our feet.  After all, we are […]

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Yoga and Knee Pain | Prevent Knee Injury in Yoga

Knee Anatomy Pain concept with Circulatory System

Yoga and Knee Pain | Prevent Knee Injury in Yoga Practice yoga to heal your body, not to injure it! Yoga and knee pain do not go together! Many people that practice yoga have underlying knee injuries and many others simply begin to practice yoga and knee pain arises. A basic understanding of the anatomy […]

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Transverse Abdominis in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles

Transverse abdominis in yoga

Transverse Abdominis in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles The last of the four abdominal muscles to discuss is the transverse abdominis. Use of your transverse abdominis in yoga is key to a healthy spine and ease with fun arm balances and transitions. It is the deepest of your four abdominal muscles. That means it is […]

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Internal Obliques in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles

Internal Obliques in Yoga

Internal Obliques in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles   We recently explored the rectus abdominis and the external obliques which are just two of your four abdominal muscles. Use of your internal obliques in yoga is similar to your external obliques with one major difference: the internal obliques cause your trunk to rotate to the same […]

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External Obliques in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles

External Obliques in Yoga

External Obliques in Yoga – Anatomy of Muscles There are four different abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, and the transverse abdominis). While each plays a vital role in stabilizing your core with yoga poses and life’s activities, each one functions to move the body differently. The external obliques share many of the same […]

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Leadership and Yoga

Leadership and Yoga

Leadership and Yoga A great leader does not inspire me to follow him. Rather a great leader inspires me to create a path to my True North and he inspires me to lead others to a create paths to their True North. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had this past week to […]

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Rectus Abdominis in Yoga: Anatomy of Muscles

rectus abdominis in yoga

Rectus Abdominis in Yoga: Anatomy of Muscles Understanding the location and function of the rectus abdominis in yoga postures will allow you to better understand your own body. As you better understand your body, you can go deeper with your own yoga practice (and teaching). You have undoubtedly identified the location of your abdominal muscles while […]

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What Muscles Work In Yoga? Understand Muscle Contractions

What Muscles Work In Yoga?

Muscles Work In Yoga?  What muscles work in yoga? What muscles work in trikonasana/triangle pose? What poses can I do to work my biceps? Questions like this are common, and to answer them you must first understand how muscles “work”.  The term “work” is rather vague when describing muscle activity.  Understanding some key anatomy terms […]

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Good Morning Singapore: Yoga and Dance

yoga box okc

On Friday, June 12, I woke up at 5:15 am and took a taxi to Club Kyo. Hitting up the clubs in Singapore was not exactly high on the list of this yogi’s priorities when moving here, and this was different. I was honored to co-lead the Yoga Zone at the southeast Asia’s first ever Morning Gloryville pre-work party sponsored by Zespri-Kiwifruit. I really had no idea what to expect. In fact, when setting things up with Caitlin, the event coordinator,

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