Foundation of Power Yoga - Series

Do You Want to Practice Yoga, BUT.....

  • Not sure how to get started?
  • Think you're not strong or flexible enough?
  • Want to be more confident before entering a large group class?
  • Feel lost in a group class and not sure how to make it work for you?
  • Has your doctor told you to get started with yoga, but didn't tell you how?

Then this Foundation Series is for You...

This series was developed for people with limited yoga experience and/or injuries/limitations who want to get a better understanding of the basics and be able to attend class with confidence. 

This course is also great for someone who has practiced yoga already and wants to reconnect to the basic foundations as an access to increased mastery of asana. Great masters of trade, understand the fundamentals.


“After working with Dr. Trish in this workshop setting I now understand how to modify the postures to work for m. Now I am comfortable and have fun when I take a group yoga class.

"I understand how to move my body better in yoga and every day life. I can't believe I used to experience so much back pain. So grateful I no longer do."

What You Will Be Doing....

In this 3 week program consisting of 3 workshop style classes, you will:

  • Learn the most common yoga postures and appropriate etiquette for group yoga classes.
  • Understand and practice and understand the key alignment principles and modifications of commonly practiced yoga postures. 
  • Gain an understanding of how to connect one posture to another without getting exhausted or feeling overwhelmed.
  • Apply basic principles of alignment to experience ease in postures that involve twisting and backbending. 
  • Get individualized attention and have your questions about your yoga practice answered.
  • Be able to attend unlimited group yoga classes at New Angle Yoga.

When: TBD

Foundation of Power Yoga - New Angle Yoga OKC