Headstand Workshop

Have You Been Trying to Figure Out How to Balance on Your Head?

  • Are you afraid of getting upside-down?
  • Do you loose awareness of your body when your feet are over your head?
  • Does your head or neck hurt when you practice headstand?
  • Do you want to feel more steady and at ease?

This Workshop is for YOU!

This workshop was developed for yogis of all levels of experience who want to have fun and gain confidence standing on their heads. You will learn how to powerfully get in and out of headstand and take your practice to a whole new level. 

“I used to avoid headstand because it hurt my head and I felt pressure on my neck. I learned how to align my arms, shoulders, and spine, to avoid pain and now it is fun to practice headstands."

"Once I learned how to break down the steps to getting into a headstand, it became accessible and fun to play with."


What You Will Be Doing....

In this 90 minute workshop, you will:

  • Learn and put into practice the basic steps to safely get in and out of headstand.
  • Practice various exercises and drills to improve your headstand practice. 
  • Get individualized attention to improve the alignment of your headstand so that you can access ease when practicing on your own or in a group class.

When: August 8, 2020 | 11:15 am - 12:45 pm

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This workshop will take place live via Zoom. Spots are limited to ensure individualized feedback!

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