Lensey Fauks

Yoga Teacher

Why teach yoga?

Yoga has been intermittently a part of my life since college. It was the only group exercise activity I felt a part of when I lived in China. And it has showed up in my life when I needed it the most. Yoga has played an extremely essential part of my awakening to my truth & discovery of self. It is a part of my creation of the life I want to live. I am able to allow yoga to be to me whatever it needs to be for that day: exercise, sweat, belonging, acceptance, humility, peace, relaxation, community, self love, self awareness...acceptance. Teaching & education is a main component of my other occupation. So I decided to learn how to teach a part of my life that I love in order that I can share it with others in hopes that it could be even a fraction of amazing influence to anyone else as it has been for me!


Oklahoma City, OK

3 Favorite Book(s) or Movie(s)

The 4 Agreements

A Course in Miracles

Movie: Avatar

Favorite Yoga Pose - Why?

1/2 pigeon - because I need it every day, all the time; because it feels amazing even when it is crazy intense; because I can vary the angle & direction of my upper body to get a different & equally amazing stretch sensation & satisfaction!

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga:

I am a contract physical therapist & independent concierge physical therapist. I absolutely love being a PT: listening & helping people, & integrating yoga into my PT practice. I enjoy almost any music (except country). I LOVE to dance & move to the beat of anything I hear, almost as if the music demands it! I love animals of any & every kind, & feel a connection with dogs & horses like something I can't really describe. I love projects!! Building, creating, assisting, helping, managing, any part of a project! I love spending time & doing almost anything with my absolute favorite person in the world, Laura B. 

When I was little, I dreamed of:

Being a back up dancer for Michael or Janet Jackson or the fly girls on In Living Color & traveling the world.

Now I dream of:

Continuing my journey of life & self exploration! Loving & helping others to the best of my ability each & every day; learning from my own experiences: the good, the bad & the ugly, & using those experiences to help & educate others; listening to my heart & my gut (created by my higher power) & to have the courage to follow the path that has been offered to me; to see the world, experience anything & everything that I can & to emit genuine love for all in my presence.

What else I want you to know about me:

Literally anything you want to know, all you gotta do is ask! I aim to be an open book, transparent to all!

Yoga Certifications/Other Credentials

Licensed Physical Therapist
Certified Dry Needling
RYT 200