OKC Yoga Teachers Community

OKC Yoga Teachers Community is a supportive, inclusive, respectful, and collaborative space for yoga teachers (and those in training) of all styles and years of experience who are based in the OKC area to connect, support and inspire each other. The group is focused on in-person meet-ups to discuss the many facets of teaching yoga and to share resources and ideas. We gather on a regular basis. Meetings are free of charge although we do expect that you show up as a contribution to the group. You have something to share even if you're not sure what it is yet.


The OKC Yoga Teachers Community group is independent of, although supported by, New Angle Yoga. Events and updates are posted first on the groups Facebook Group Page. Events will also be  posted on the New Angle website, however registration will occur through the Facebook group. You may also email trish@newangleyoga.com to join an event if you are not on Facebook.