Singapore Yoga Teacher Training 2017 Oct/Nov

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10 Petain Road, Singapore 208089

Dates and Times

13 Oct: 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm

14 - 22 Oct: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm*

28 - 29 Oct: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm*

4 - 5 Nov: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm*

11 -12 Nov: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm*

*Ninety minute lunch break and several short breaks are built in. 

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Discover yourself, lead from your heart! This 200-hour Singapore yoga teacher training 2017 is led by Dr. Trish Corley who is physiotherapist and anatomy professor. It is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and inspired by Baptiste YogaTM.  Our comprehensive curriculum provides the tools you need to deepen your own yoga practice and confidently lead others in a group yoga class. The training meets the Yoga Alliance standards AND offers personal discovery that allows you to release what might hold you back from your greatest potential. Through asana, meditation, interactive lectures, workshops, and activities that emphasise self-exploration and human connection, you will step into your own power!

Power to Lead

Power to Lead: 200 Hour Singapore Yoga Teacher Training 2017 (Vinyasa Style)

13 October - 12 November

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Course Outline: What You Will Learn in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Testimonials for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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"Life changing is a big statement and this is exactly what it was for me. Power to Lead 200 hour yoga teacher training with Trish Corley of New Angle trained me on asana/yoga concepts. And most importantly it developed my self awareness and leaderships skills. These skills have been extremely valuable both as a yoga teacher and in my daily life. It has opened possibilities to me in my life. I used to be scared to stand in front of people to teach a class and now its possible. In my daily life this has also translated into more awareness and confidence!"

Mayra Hurtado


"I taught my first class one week after the end of the training. After the class, my students came to me and told me that the way I spoke moved them; they feel the class was powerful; that I was with them throughout the class and they feel truly connected to me. This feeling is amazing because I wasn't trying to make them feel that way. I was simply teaching from how my heart feels. Teaching from my heart is one of the biggest benefits of this training. Through self-inquiry exercises that we did in the training, I managed to identify the lies that I created for myself that were stopping me from living my true self. Speak only the truth, be vulnerable, and be a 'yes' are the values I learned from this training. Trish has empowered me to powerfully teach from my heart and be of service without expecting anything in return."

Meerly Wang


"This teacher training has improved both my teaching and my practice in so many ways. In teaching, I have learned how to give proper cues, the alignment that brings us closer to true north, to be confident and able to drop what we know to be able to bring out our authenticity. In my practice I realised that I don't have to look like others do, that I must be one with my breath and that helps me with my stability and focus. I learned that nobody is perfect and there is no perfect way to do a pose. I also learned how to bring myself from below the line to above the line. The training has helped me change my life in being happy and free."

Stacey Chew


"I was unaware of the transformation that was ahead of me before the training. My preconceived expectations of, before it began, included that I would learn how to cue poses, figuring out sequences, how to teach etc. And while I did learn many of the practicalities behind teaching a yoga class these were of less importance than the work that was done to break down the barriers, which prevented me from being of support to myself and others. This was where the serious work was for me. I confronted issues I believed I had figured out years ago, and concerns I did not even realise I had! What the training provided for me was empowerment.This has allowed me to support myself and empower others, both in their yoga practice and off the mat. I could have simply gone and learn the sequence of poses anywhere. What this training taught me is that what really matters is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to share my authentic self with all those around me. Thank you Trish and Julie. For without your leadership and authenticity I would not have felt as empowered to teach yoga, and I would not have grown as an individual."

Kaj Peltonen


" 'Power to Lead' Yoga Teacher's Training by Trish Corley is not just a yoga training course; but, training for life. With her diagnostic approach, Trish enables students to shine in their own capacity and ability. It is a challenging course both physically and mentally as it pushes you to step out of your comfort zone. The result is - you will come out of the training more confident, recharged and empowered."

Dora Nelleman


"The Power to Lead 200 hour YTT was invaluable to me! I learned to give up the things that block me from shining bright. My teaching was elevated to a new level. I also met an amazing group of people. Trish is one of the finest Leaders and Teachers I have had the privilege to work with. She inspires, empowers and is a stand for growth with students and communities around the world! Live your dreams. Be a YES! Sign up now!"

Julie Christopher

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