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 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Singapore 2016

October/November 2016
with Dr. Trish Corley

Based on Baptiste YogaTM, this 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training Singapore 2016 is led by Dr. Trish Corley and is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Through the practice of yoga and self-exploration, you will have breakthroughs to discover the greatest version of yourself. You will gain the tools to confidently lead yoga classes and to access new possibilities in your practice, your teaching, and your life.

The lead trainer for this program is Dr. Trish Corley. She is an internationally recognized Baptiste certified yoga teacher and a doctor of physiotherapy who has trained directly with Baron Baptiste. Her classes and trainings are known for inspiring students to make the transformation they seek while having fun! She is supported by a powerful assisting team with experience in teaching from the Baptiste methodology.

Yoga Teacher Training

Prerequisites: A desire for growth and an interest in yoga. You are ready now!

This program is great for students of all levels including those who want to deepen their understanding of their yoga practice and those who are eager to teach yoga classes with confidence. 14-23 Oct 2016
29-30 Oct 2016
5-6 Nov 2016
12-13 Nov 2016

7:30 am to 6:30 pm daily
(except 14 Oct is 5:30pm – 9:30 pm)
This training is a 10-day immersion followed by 3 full weekends.
Yoga In Common
10 Petain Rd, Singapore 208089, Singapore

This beautiful studio is equipped with Manduka mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps as well as showers and lockers.
This Singapore Yoga Teacher training is 200-hours and is certified by the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance.

This program is unique and effective because it provides you with the tools to remove the things that stand in your way of being the greatest version of yourself. You will also gain concrete tools to effectively lead from your heart with confidence. Discover what it means to stand in your power as a yoga teacher and as a human being.

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Regular: $3995

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Detailed course outline, understand what will you learn in this program.

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Course Outline:

Be able to independently practice and teach the full Journey Into Power – the Power Vinyasa Yoga sequence created by Baron Baptiste.

1. Daily practice of full sequence:
Break down of parts of the sequence each day with focus on understanding each pose:

  • Intention of the pose/sequence
  • Benefits of the pose/sequence Alignment
  • Physical Anatomy
  • Energetic Anatomy

2. Group activities to memorize the sequence.

3. Practice teaching
Initially small parts of the sequence and leading to the full sequence.

1. Integrate the themes of Baptiste Yoga and the Laws of Transformation into your daily actions and decisions on the yoga mat and in your life in order to step into your greatest potential as a leader.2. Understand what leadership means and in what areas of your life you are a leader.

3. Make an impact as a leader in any environment (including a yoga class) by taking action to leave others in their greatness.

4. Practice teaching and speaking in various settings to understand what it means to be a leader in various size groups.

5. Learn effective listening tools in order to hold space for your students and other people in your life to grow under your leadership.

1. Learn how to market yourself to begin teaching yoga in your community.

2. Gain insight on how to make a viable living as a yoga teacher by supplementing your income with opportunities that exist in addition to teaching regular group classes.

3. Learn the industry norms and benchmarks for salaries and contracts associated with yoga.

4. Practice handling real life situations that require you to consider the ethics of yoga.

5. Understand appropriate and inappropriate methods of managing difficult students and situations in the yoga setting and throughout other areas of your life.

Three themes of Baptiste Yoga

Be able to incorporate these into your own yoga practice, teaching yoga, and your life off the mat  in order to create the transformation you seek in all areas of your life.

  1. Be a "Yes"
    Stop saying no when your heart really wants to say yes.
  2. Come from "You are Ready Now"
    Discover that you are ready now to make the transformation you seek. “Someday” is now.
  3. Give Up What You Must
    Drop the stories that limit you to saying yes to the things you desire in your practice and your life.

Five Pillars of Baptiste Yoga Practice.

Learn how to integrate these five pillars into your yoga practice and teaching in order to create a practice that moves stuck energy out of your body and makes space for new life and energy.
1. Drishti: Visual Focus/Gaze
2. Ujjayi: Breath
3. Foundation: Hands, Feet, Core/Bhadhas
4. Heat: Tapas. May be from external environment such as a hot yoga studio, and also from breath and movement)
5. Vinyasa: Flow

Baptiste’s Twelve Laws of Transformation:

These themes will be integrated into the program on a daily basis in order support your transformation as a yogi and a leader.

  1. Seek the Truth
  2. Be Willing to Come Apart
  3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  4. Commit to Growth
  5. Shift your vision
  6. Drop what you know
  7. Relax with What is
  8. Remove the Rocks
  9. Don't Rush the Process
  10. Be True To Yourself
  11. Be Still and Know
  12. Understand that the Whole is the Goal

Eight Limbs of Yoga

  1. Yamas: Universal morality
  2. Niyamas: Personal observances
  3. Asanas: Body postures
  4. Pranayama: Breathing exercises, and control of prana
  5. Pratyahara: Control of the senses
  6. Dharana: Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
  7. Dhyana: Devotion, Meditation on the Divine
  8. Samadhi: Union with the Divine
Teach Effectively and Powerfully by learning how to:

1. Stand and present yourself to your students with confidence and connection.

2. Create an atmosphere/ambience that feels welcoming for yoga practice and consistent with your style of teaching.

3. Project your voice so that all students can hear you.

4. Breathe for yourself and with your students while teaching.

5. Use clear and simple cues that make an impact on your students.

6. Use simple alignment principles and learn how to modify these principles so they can be used in all poses and with all students in all classes.

7. Determine when and how to demonstrate poses so that your students can gain a deeper understanding of the poses.

8. Integrate yoga philosophy and teachings into your yoga classes

9. Use your authentic voice and share your own experiences in order to create a unique connection with your students.

10. Provide hands on assists to enhance the experience of your students’ poses.
Learn when it is appropriate to provide hands on assists and when verbal cues are more appropriate.
Understand how to assist your student and leave them in their greatness (as opposed to needing to “fix” your student). Provide various types of assist including those to bring students into a new direction, to provide more stability in a pose; or to support them in going deeper into a pose.

1. Apply an understanding of the structure and function of key joints, muscles, ligaments and other connective tissue to alignment of asana practice.

2. Understand what happens to the pelvis when “tucking the tailbone” and moving through various postures.

3. Be able to find neutral pelvis on themselves and other students.

4. Demonstrate alignment and modifications to various poses to obtain and/or maintain a healthy low back.

5. Understand the anatomy and alignment of the feet and legs in optimal posture and “True North Alignment”.

6. Understand the anatomy and the alignment of the shoulders and arms to ensure freedom of movement and stability in standing postures, downward facing dog, and other arm supported postures.

7. Identify the structures involved in breathing and demonstrate use of these structures in various ways of breathing.

8. Demonstrate yoga bandhas with an understanding of the anatomical structures involved.

9. Utilize an understanding of anatomy to observe students and provide appropriate cues based on anatomical alignment that will empower the student.

* Five percent of your tuition will be donated directly to the Africa Yoga Project. Dr. Trish Corley is a mentor to a teacher from the Africa Yoga Project and she will travel to Africa to assist in training unemployed youth to become yoga teachers to serve their communities in need. Be a stand for education, empowerment, and elevation of your life and that of others.

Registration for Yoga Teacher Training Singapore 2016 is now closed! 

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